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Test Data Management

Test Data Management is one of (if not the) most overlooked component of transformation projects.  Who will provide your program with data for User Acceptance Testing, User Training, Target Solution Performance Testing, Data Warehouse Testing, and Environmental Sizing?  Can any of these consumers share data deliveries?  Will they require data representing the same time period?  How often will these consumers need new refreshes of data?

What are the privacy constraints around each data customer's requirements?  Can they receive personal and financial information?  If not, does deterministic masking need to be done so that training values or test cases can reliably be defined on masked rather than real values?

Test Data Management covers all these questions and defines much more:

  • Data selection, delivering referentially-integrated data sets based on selected "entry points" into the schema
  • Deterministic masking (using our out of the box solutions for financial and personal data)
  • Re-use of Test Data Management effort for post go-live archiving solutions

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