Data Migrators

Data Growth Management

Managing the growth of data in your application databases is critical to ...

Controlling the operational costs of your production environment, and

Maintaining application performance levels expected by your business

Achieving these goals requires an industrial-strength approach that enables you to ...

Remain compliant with regulatory and legal requirements

Remain responsive to audit and discovery requests from both inside and outside your organisation

Access data transparently, with no impact on your applications

Enterprise application data can usually be separated into ‘layers’ of importance:

  • Current operational data, accessed frequently, and undergoing regular change
  • Historical data, accessed infrequently, and largely static
  • Legacy data, almost never accessed, totally static, and retained only to meet regulatory or business retention policies
  • Redundant Data, which is no longer required for any reason, be that business or regulatory.

Cluttering your high-performance production environment with data that doesn’t need to be there increases cost and reduces performance. An intelligent solution to data storage maximises your infrastructure investment by hosting data on tiered storage appropriate to the data’s access requirements. Production data will use your highest-performance infrastructure, whilst historical and legacy data will use cheaper on-line or near-line storage, whilst redundant data can be safely stored in a secure, off-line archive.

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