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Often the start and end of data migration is seen as merely the extraction of legacy data from production systems' data stores, its structural transformation and quality enhancement then its load into target environments.  Although the terms Data Migration and ETL are often used synonymously, there is much more involved in designing, building, and executing a successful data migration than is encapsulated in the ETL architecture pattern.

The fact that ETL and Data Migration are so often used interchangeably stems from the common misconception that data migration is a purely technical problem.  Transformation programs founded on this view are inviting unnecessary challenges and risk missing out on a great number of opportunities for long-term efficiency gains.

  • Data migration feeds the transition program: Target application delivery, User Acceptance Testing, Training, Performance testing, and Data Warehousing are all typical consumers of migrated data during the life of the project.
  • Data migration provides insight:  Your program's choice of cutover strategy is informed by understanding the speed with which data can be delivered to the target environment, based on environmental and functional constraints.
  • Data migration is part of something bigger: A long-term Information Management strategy - extending well beyond the scope of the transition program - can benefit greatly from the assets and processes introduced as part of the migration.
Why do we migrate data?
  • Mergers or acquisition
  • New system implementation
  • Legacy system upgrade
  • Application consolidation
  • Business process outsourcing
Why do migration projects typically fail?
  • Lack of robust methodology
  • Inattention to data quality
  • Improper understanding and use of tools
  • Unexpected or uncontrolled scope and complexity
  • Inexperienced resources

While no two migrations are identical, many important aspects are common to all organisations moving their data to a new environment.  Use Data Migrators' experience in getting the fundamentals right, so we can focus together on the elements that make your migration unique.

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