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Accelerated Design

We've designed world class Data Migration solutions for some of Australia's largest Utilities clients. Performance, Auditing, Reporting, Maintainability, and Efficiency are baked into our solutions, so you just need to focus on defining functional requirements.

You want a data migration partner who's done this before.  One who has spent years addressing common data migration challenges for organisations like yours.  We've solved many challenges along the way, and have encapsulated this knowledge into a set of processes and assets from which our clients benefit on day one.

Let's take a look at the features of a typical migration solution which populates Oracle's CC&B application.  Here's an overview, presented using beautiful open source icons ....

Traditional CC&B Migration Architecture

A quick summary:

  • Source represents the source data spread across multiple source systems.
  • The Extract and Transform processes read and process this source data, before storing their results in a temporary staging database.
  • The Load process populates CC&B's 'STGADM' schema, which is an identical representation of CC&B's operational schema used as an input to 'Validation'.
  • Oracle's Load solution for CC&B acts as a data quality firewall by propagating data from STGADM to CISADM (the operational data store), validating the staged data against a set of built-in business rules as it goes.
  • Once completely populate, the CC&B application servicing the CISADM schema can be started.

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