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Intelligent Build

Building data migration solutions is our thing.  Our hands-on team of experts institute a development methodology leading to early release of data to downstream consumers.  Our kitbag includes a suite of tools which extend the industry leading IBM Information Server, and which accelerate our deliveries, whilst substantially reducing cost, and risk.

Our IP reduces risk, eliminates redundancy, and adds value from day one.  Assets include ...

  • A Job audit report, describing rows processed at specified 'audit' points in the job flow.  Jobs with auditing values different (by a specified threshold) to previous executions within the same environment are visually highlighted for further investigation.
  • A job performance report, describing each job's progress and ETA against a previously captured baseline.
  • Job dependency graphs.  Job relationships across the entire ETL solution are determined from the metadata repository, and a resulting graph is constructed - both the mathematical variety, as well as the visual, interactive variety.   These graphs are also published to your project wiki for use by the mapping team.
  • An optimsed scheduling solution which uncovers ETL job relationships and executes them in the correct sequence.  The critical path through the job relationship graph is calculated at the start based on anticipated job duration, and is refreshed as each job completes.  Jobs are selected based on their anticipated duration, and their position on the critical path.  The number of jobs run concurrently is dynamic, based on monitoring system load to ensure that the system is neither under- not over-utilised.  This piece removes the need to code sequences: just deploy your code, gather job relationships, and run.  The scheduler also sends out progress emails which include progress graphs built using Google's Chart API.
  • A job warning report, showing jobs which have specified words or phrases appearing in their logs (E.g. "Record dropped")
  • An interactive Gantt chart of the ETL progress.



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