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Accelerated Design - Improvements

Note that this classic arrangement has a number of opportunities for improvement.  Here's a couple ...

  • The ETL stages to a relational database.  Relational tables don't allow us to retain the ordering of partitioning of data so this information is lost, and downstream jobs must waste resources re-sorting and re-partitioning data.  Using a datastore which retains sorting and partitioning information would remove this redundancy.
  • The performance of Oracle's load solution for CC&B is questionable at best.  A prime candidate for reducing end-to-end execution windows is to remove the artificial delay imposed by waiting for the validation to complete before you can begin your post-migration application shake-out on the CISADM schema. By populating STGADM and CISADM in parallel you can perform your validation and shake-out simultaneously, saving enormous amounts of precious cutover time.

An improved CC&B Migration Design

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