Data Migrators

Who Are We?

We're the people who understand the importance of data in modern organisations. Energy Retailing? Finance? Road Tolling?  Logistics?  You're almost certainly a data-driven business.  The quality, flow, security and performance of your enterprise data is imperative. Data Migrators has proven that data migration can be done right first time, and that once located in its new home it can be cared for in a secure and cost-efficient manner.

We're a strong team of experienced professionals who believe it's time to reverse the trend.  Keen to help organisations avoid making the same fundamental migration mistakes witnessed time and again, we formed with the express intention of providing the market with one service provider who could ensure data migration success, and demonstrate excellence in operational data management.

Our proven team can make your data migration an exception to the statistic. Unlike so many others, our migrations don't fail. That's not marketing, it's a fact, and we'd love to meet you to discuss how we can make your migration a success too.

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